Paraphrasing strategies worksheet answers

We'll write down our paraphrase of this paragraph here on the whiteboard. This lesson would be a lot more useful then! These would be more formal than the quick writes that were done in the paraphrasing sessions. writing a dissertation for dummies leslie waingers After they have read the paragraph, think aloud as you share paraphrasing the information with them. This text is more difficult than the texts about the okapi and the anaconda, so you can use it to model your thought process as if you did not understand on the first read.

In the first part, focusing on plagiarism, students discuss plagiarism and look at examples to determine whether the passages are plagiarized. The echidna has a long tongue and it has spines. help with write essay my first day at school Introduction of Paraphrasing 1.

The video link to Ball State University does not work. I agree that an answer sheet would not be appropriate for this lesson, as these examples lend themselves to discussion. difference between summary and paraphrase example You may need to explain what the words hindquarters and resemblance mean.

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Ask students what they know about the okapi. Explain to students that they have practiced paraphrasing as a way to monitor whether they have understood what they are reading and as a way to help them remember what they read. Paraphrasing strategies worksheet answers They eat a lot each day, usually in the afternoons and evenings. There are three steps for teaching this strategy. I'd better read it again!

In this session, students will read and paraphrase independently. At the end of the session, students can share their information either in small groups or with the entire class. Paraphrasing strategies worksheet answers This lesson helps students understand copyright, fair use, and plagiarism by focusing on why students should avoid plagiarism and exploring strategies that respect copyright and fair use.

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Nancy Jimenez September 20, At the end of the session, ask students to write what they now know about the echidna without referring to the computer screens. Maria Kardick Collegeville, Pennsylvania. assignment writing help online review They may eat as much as 65 pounds of food in one day, mostly during the afternoon and evening when they are most active.

Record their responses on the whiteboard. After the previous four sessions, a possible extension would be to identify another topic such as countries, planets, plants , have students brainstorm what kind of questions would be interesting to answer about these, assign print materials or websites for students to read and paraphrase, take notes to answer the questions, and prepare written reports. help to write a research paper video games Introduction of Paraphrasing Session 2: The link to the video has been fixed. The acronym for these steps is RAP.

There are three steps for teaching this strategy. If students seem to get the idea of paraphrasing, ask them to get into pairs, go to the subsequent screens about the anaconda, read each of them, and paraphrase together. research paper writing help methodology wikipedia As one student paraphrases, the other student checks for "using your own words" and remembering the points in the paragraph.

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Rose October 21, When students put information into their own words, they are not copying directly from a text. Paraphrasing is a good way to prepare students to write written reports. Paraphrasing strategies worksheet answers They gather, evaluate, and synthesize data from a variety of sources e.

Review and Independent Practice With Paraphrasing. This explanation should be brief. Paraphrasing strategies worksheet answers Okapis have long tongues so they can reach leaves and fruit on trees.

A Citation Scavenger Hunt. Look for it in the first sentence of the paragraph. Paraphrasing strategies worksheet answers Your students can save their work with Student Interactives. Review what paraphrasing is, how to do it, when to do it, and why it is important. I would also love to have an answer sheet for the "Identifying Plagiarism" worksheets - just to make sure I am teaching this properly.

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